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Shopping Trips

Written by abbynormally
March 3rd, 2010

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! And keep them coming, please. I’m going to start a cookbook (read: Word Document) with suggestions and recipes, and I’ll blog about them as I make them. Should be interesting or at least entertaining. In the meantime, Dave is going to purchase a fire extinguisher…or 3.

However, I didn’t have the smarts to ask for recipes BEFORE Dave and I went on the most massive grocery run of our married lives. In fact, there’s hardly any room in our fridge or freezer for our purchases. There might be if I didn’t keep sick amounts of greek yogurt in our house at all times.

On the menu for this weekend?
-BBQ Salmon (Dave wanted FLESH!)
- Crockpot Chili
- some sort of treat to satisfy my sweet tooth. Maybe these?

But I’ll tell you what, grocery shopping with Dave is like grocery shopping with a child. He’s the best mommy-practice I could ever have for a grocery trip. There’s whining, begging, foot stomping, and the occasional tears. Frequently I see “hidden” items make their way onto the checkout counter. Sly dog.

“Hey, can I get fluff to make fluffernutters for my lunch?”
“I want juice! I’m sick of only having beer and water to drink!”
“Whhhhy do we have to get healthy peanut butter? What’s wrong with JIF?”
“Which flavor of Edy’s girl scout cookie ice cream can we get, or can I just get one of each?”
“OOO! Look at that CEREAL!”

What’s the funny about all of it is that he pays the grocery bill, yet still asks if he “can” get something. And really, he can eat what he wants, although I strongly encourage otherwise, but if it’s food that we share, like peanut butter, I prefer it to be healthy. Otherwise we just end up buying two jars of PB. And you know what they say, “A house divided will not stand..” ;)

Anyhow, it was nice to get home and spend time with someone a little tougher. You see, Dexter has become my new personal trainer.

Here he is adding resistance to my crunches.

Sometimes he even makes me work both abs and arms at once. Barking orders, as usual!

Step back, Jillian, there’s a new boss in town!

And only occasionally does he let me take a breather (he takes one too) but then it’s right back to the crunches.

He also made me do twenty minutes on the bike and some other arm workout. He’s like a drill sergeant! And this morning he had me run 5 miles of hills, at 9:15 pace for 5 miles. It was tough, but I felt great afterwards. The best part is I don’t have to pay him. Just feed him. But if you know me, you know that I have a tough time remembering to do just that! He’s getting back at me!

Do you have any grocery store horror stories? How do you handle the shopping trips and lists? Dave and I tend to take a “Divide and Conquer”approach, but that’s how things like Oreos and Pringles make their way into the cart. Oh, and Kraft mac and cheese, but that one was all me! Dave, hunny, did you get that fire extinguisher yet?

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