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Happy Weight

Written by abbynormally
April 27th, 2010

Seeing that I have a Greek final on Thursday and a marathon on Sunday, my life is pretty boring. Well, more boring than usual.

I really don’t have much to say except that I’m taking advantage of my relative "laziness" (aka taper) and translating 1 John from Greek into English. I’d rather be translating Harry Potter from Latin into English, but that won’t help me on my Greek final. Yes, I have the first two Harry Potter books in Latin. Go ahead, laugh.

So as much as I would love to bore you all with some parsing and noun endings, I won’t. In fact, I’ll leave you with something somewhat helpful.

I’ve talked about how I’ve lost a lot of weight and my struggles with body image. I’m at a place now where I’m happy with my body and what it does for me, so I do my best to treat it really. It took awhile to get here, and there are days when it’s hard, but I compiled a little list of things I do to find contentment with my body!

10 Tips for a Happy Weight

1) Accept your body. Stop comparing yourself to others and just realize how you’re built and what healthy looks and feels like to you. After all, comparison is the thief of all joy.

2) Be active! Find an activity level that fits your lifestyle and stick with it. Personally, I run 20-30 miles a week. Now that I’m adding cycling, I will cut back my running mileage because I just don’t have time to do both. And I promise I won’t feel guilty about it. And you don’t have run 20 miles to be active. Find an exercise you love and work that into your schedule.

3) Water, water, water!! Your body needs water for every function. Don’t  deprive it. And days when it’s hot or you are being active, drink more. I aim for 2 liters are regular days…I’ve gotten up to 5 on days I’ve sweat a lot. I feel like poop when I’m dehydrated… So drink water! It’s cheap and your body will thank you!

4) Think big picture! One big bowl of ice cream isn’t going to kill you. One big bowl of ice cream every day for a few months might. If you keep a clean diet, don’t beat yourself up over occasional junk food. Enjoy life, don’t regret it!

5) Listen to your body. Thanks, Abby, but what the heck does that mean? Well, it means different things for different people. First of all, listen to hunger cues. Hungry? Eat. Full? Stop. Does wheat make you sick? Don’t eat it. Do asparagus make you feel good? Eat it. Make your diet all about what makes you feel the best AND fuels you for your activity level.

6) Nix the Addictions. Nope, not necessarily the diet soda addiction, although I encourage it. I’m talking about things like counting calories and stepping on the scale too often. I have found them to be controlling, not helpful. I never had a calorie count issue, but there were times when the scale had a power over me that I both loathed and loved. Then it broke and I haven’t had an issue with it since. I got one from Fitbloggin but it sits under my sink, quietly neglected. And I’ll probably keep it there. I don’t want some impersonal number, whether on a scale or the a nutrition panel, telling me what is happy, healthy or beautiful!

7) Buy clothes that fit you (regardless of the size). Be comfortable in your own skin first and you’ll inevitably be comfortable in your jeans. I know I’m less self conscious of my body when I don’t feel like I’ve been poured into my clothes, know what I mean? I love Angela‘s Size Healthy campaign! That’s the attitude we should have towards our bodies!

8 ) Be positive! Avoid negative influences and surround yourself with support. Try to cut out those interactions as much as possible. Life is wayyyy too short!

9) Don’t be restrictive. Stop thinking about what you can’t eat and focus on what you can. There are so many yummy and healthy foods out there. You just have to be willing choke down a few recipe mishaps and step out of your comfort zone. And, once you’re confident that you’re feeding yourself whole, real foods, you’re not going to feel guilty about those cookies you munched on last night.

10) Focus on what matters. Your spirit, your soul, your personality..those are what make you who you are. Don’t let a number define you. 

Welp, I’m off to do some more translating!

What are your tips for being happy with your body? What do you do to honor your body?

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