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Written by abbynormally
August 6th, 2010

Hey everyone! While I’m soaking up the sun with the fam, my “blend” (blog friend) Ashley from The Edible Perspective was kind enough to do a guest post for me! If you don’t know her blog, I think you are crazy and need to start reading it! It’s phenomenal and she posts amazing recipes along with gorgeous pictures…plus great fitness tips! She’s a barefooter, too!  :) I’m just about giddy to have her writing for me!

When she suggested a post on staying healthy when you have visitors, I was super interested. I need the tips, fo’ sho’! I usually take people on an eating tour of Pittsburgh, and Pittsburgh isn’t exactly known for it’s healthy dining. But Ashley’s covered all the bases and has even given us a new, healthy recipe to impress all of our visitors!

Hope you learn as much from Ashley as I have!

Thanks, Ashley!!!

(P.S. Don’t forget to vote for Levi! <—my brother is bullying me into saying it, I promise ;) )


Hi there!! I’m Ashley from The Edible Perspective. I’m so excited to be guest posting on Abby’s blog while she is at the beach. Abby is one of my fav’s, and I am so glad we got to meet up in June. My post today is going to be about staying healthy while having friends + family in town or being on vacation. Enjoy!


Recently, my husband + I had friends in town for a week. I know a lot of you have also had friends + family in for visits or have been traveling around the country for summer vacation. It’s definitely fun to indulge on these occasions, but I also want to offer a few tips on how to stay on track at the same time.

It’s so easy to go out to eat for breakfast. However, restaurant breakfasts can pack a mean punch health-wise. Making your favorite breakfast at home for you + your guests or at your vacation home/condo can be fun, uncomplicated, delicious and much healthier!

Breakfast Ideas:

  • Make an oatmeal buffet! Make a huge batch of oats and have as many different topping options as you want! [ie: nut butters, coconut, cinnamon, bananas, blueberries, strawberries, granola, chia seeds, almonds, walnuts, jelly, etc.]


  • Make a large batch of pancakes and buy some real butter + maple syrup to top them. There are SO many healthy, delicious recipes in the blogosphere for pancakes.
  • Yogurt parfaits! This is the easiest breakfast option! Get 1 or 2 flavors of yogurt and toppings similar to those mentioned above for oatmeal.
  • Offer to make Green Monsters for your friends. They will be amazed that they cannot taste the spinach. Start with a beginner recipe, like Pnut Butter Banana – handful of ice + 1c plain yogurt + 1 banana + 2T pnut butter + 2-3c washed spinach



I have found that people really enjoy a tasty homemade breakfast! It’s nice to sit at home or on the porch of your beach rental [I wish], sipping on coffee + munching on breakfast!


Lunch + Snacks:

Snacks are HUGE while on vacation or entertaining guests. I feel like I’m always out and about more and with my constant hunger, snacks are a MUST have.

While our recent friends were in town, it was HOT outside. We brought a cooler in the car, whenever we were on the go. It was filled with:


For most of our lunches, we grabbed a bite out to eat or just ate what was in the cooler. If I eat a heavy lunch, it weighs me down for the rest of the day. Check for options at restaurants like ½ sandwich + salad combo or maybe they offer a chilled summer soup?


When entertaining or on vacay, I would say it’s about a 50/50 split between eating in + eating out, for dinner. It is fun to indulge some of the time, but it’s also fun to cook a healthy meal for friends at home!

-Try my summery twist on Angela’s In a Jiffy Spelt Veggie Burgers!


-If you haven’t tried Emily’s Black Bean Burgers, I urge you to do so! I have fed them to my whole family, and a lot of friends. They are always a crowd pleaser!



Ice cream or gelato anyone?? When I’m on vacay, I don’t hold back when it comes to desserts! Find a local specialty and dig in! If you’re at home, prepare something before your guests arrive. Cookies are welcomed by all! Try these Double Chocolate Brownies and then after tell everyone they’re vegan! Everyone will be shocked.


Want a healthy dessert option! Here is a new recipe, just for you!


Yogurt Smoothie Pops [serves about 6, depending on size of molds]

  • 1.5c plain or vanilla yogurt
  • 2c frozen fruit [I used a mix of bananas, strawberries + mango]
  • 2T lime juice

1. Blend until smooth.

2. Pour into popsicle molds + freeze.

3. Let sit out for about 5-10min before pulling out!



I think the most important thing to do is stay active. Don’t feel like you have to stick to your normal routine or you may find yourself feeling down. Find new ways to get the blood flowing with your friends + family!


  • Walk, walk walk!! This one is easy. I LOVE walking, especially after dinner. It helps my food settle and makes me feel energized.


  • If you really want to squeeze in a full workout, wake up a little early and do it-to it! While our friends were here, I went for 1 early morning swim. I felt great the rest of the day!
  • 20min of yoga will do a body good. Try yoga outside and ask your friends to join you. I love when I can’t get to a studio.


  • Rent bikes! Although Abby might disagree [because of her ridiculous biking adventure with the husband] biking on vacation is so much fun! ;)


  • Go on a hike! Hey, if you can find fun trails to hike in Cleveland, OH – you can find them anywhere!!


  • Do something adventurous. Like hanging from rocks!


  • Head to a local farmer’s market for fresh produce + local goodies.


I hope this post has helped you think of a few tips you can try out next time you’re entertaining guests or on vacation. The most important thing is to have fun, enjoy each other’s company, and relax. We spend too much time with our to-do lists + being stressed out! Pick up a book and read until you’re fully satisfied. Take a nap! Turn off the computer. Don’t fret if you eat too many ice cream cones or do not have time to fit in your regular workouts. You can always get back on track next week!

Thanks for letting me come + hang out on your sweet blog, Abby!!! Love you girl!



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4 Responses to “Guest Post: Ashley from The Edible Perspective”

  1. Ashley says:

    I’m so happy to be a part of your awesome blog!! :) Have a great weekend Abby!!

  2. Yay!! I loved this post. Where do I begin? Since I just moved, I’m really looking forward to having friends come visit me. There are so many things to do in Spokane for company, and this post only made me more excited for company. :)

  3. coco says:

    I love these pics…. soooooooo pretty!!! :D Just found your blog and I’m hooked! ;)

    • abbynormally says:

      Awe thanks, but those are all Ashley’s pictures! I wish I had that kind of talent :) I’m glad you found me and hope my photos don’t let you down!

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