Big Plans

Written by abbynormally
February 12th, 2011

12 miles with Brynna—DONE.

Followed by a TJ’s run for some food. I ended up eating one of the bananas I bought because I knew that it was good for, but I shortly remembered that plain bananas don’t sit well in my stomach.

Oh well.

You know how I said that during my Spring Cleanse Challenge (the name changes every time I type it), I would allow for a splurge once a week? Well, I have big plans for a splurge tonight.

I ran 12 miles, haven’t had added sugar since Tuesday and I’m PMSing. Let me repeat: I have BIG PLANS.

These to be exact.

Jess expressed her disapproval at my challenge. But don’t you worry, friend, I’ll make you proud.

Dave’s also taking me out to dinner for Valentine’s Day tonight to one of our favorite restaurants. It’s a little Mexican restaurant near Sewickley called Azul. If you’re around the Pittsburgh area, I highly recommend a visit. Apparently it’s Pittsburgh’s only authentic Mexican restaurant. So why would you go anywhere else?

Oh, because there is always Chipotle.

Time to rewind:

During my run with Brynna she mentioned that article I criticized for not suggesting enough healthy fats in diets for marathon runners. She actually has been seeing the sports nutritionist quoted in the article.

Brynna told me that the author of the article must have cherry picked her information from Ms. Bonci or possibly misunderstood her because she is constantly suggesting to Brynna to up her healthy fat intake. She said that she should be eating 10-15 grams (am I right, Brynna?) of healthy fat with each meal.

The article certainly didn’t suggest that!

Anyhow, I just wanted to let you all know that sports nutritionists do know what they are talking about. Their clients may be the ones who are confused (not Brynna, of course! :D).

I’m out to finishing making those strawberry cake truffles!! I cannot wait to eat them!

Do you have any big food plans for Valentine’s Day?!

Mexican and a recipe from How Sweet It Is?! Go big or go home, I say!!

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2 Responses to “Big Plans”

  1. Brynna says:

    Yup, you got it right. She’s been telling me a Minimum of 10-15g of healthy fats at each meal. Just yesterday she was giving me more suggestions on things to try, to branch beyond my peanut butter…since that’s been about all i’ve done so far (things like gaucamole, roasting veggies in olive oil, tapanade-olive spread, etc). :-)

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