Heavy Legs

Written by abbynormally
January 19th, 2014

I hate runs with heavy legs. It’s like a nightmare…trying to move and going nowhere. I accepted it during my 12 miles run today, but even at the end I tried to speed up and I swear I got slower. And I technically only ran 11.83 miles (4 by myself then Ashley joined me for 7.83). Ashley asked if I wanted to run the last .17 when we were about 100 feet from my car and I somehow mustered up the energy to scream “NO!” at her.

And that word “mustered”… I actually wrote “mustard” initially. I is real good with words.

Concerning running, this week was much like my long run. Nothing exceptional or any runs that did anything but detract from my self confidence. But I look at my runs this past week on paper (ok, Strava) and, with the exception of today’s run, they are not far off my normal paces.

Tuesday: 5 miles @ 8:38 (first day without a migraine, so I was taking it really easy)
Wednesday: 4 miles @ 8:25 (easy treadmill run with a moderately difficult last mile)
Thursday: 5 miles @ 8:13 ( a tempo run of sorts)
Sunday: 12 miles  @ 9:03 (ok, 11.83 miles. Shut up.)

I had set my weekly goal on Strava to 26 miles, but of course I came up short at 25.9 (according to Strava). Poopy.

Weeks like this are inevitable and on paper I’m proud of myself, but remembering how my legs felt is when discouragement sets in. Well, whatever. I can’t dwell on it. It’s one week–heck, one run–and those are the runs that make me stronger. I must persevere.

So I bought myself an MnM McFlurry after my run. I’ve been trying to stay away from most junk food (I’m not very good at it), but I couldn’t resist one today.

{Insert picture of McFlurry here}

I took a picture of it and then deleted it. If you’re unsure of what a McFlurry looks like and want to know, you can look at my Instagram account. Or just go get one, because who cares about how they look–they taste amazing. I was going to go FroYo afterwards but decided that a drive thru was preferable.

I think I’m ready for bed. Goodnight!

What’s your favorite post-run treat? 
How do you work past hard runs?

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2 Responses to “Heavy Legs”

  1. Caitlin says:

    Chocolate milk and a bagel. The thought of that combination pushes me through the last few miles, especially when I’m having a rough run. When I have a rough run I try to keep in mind that that happens, and it usully means a great one (or week) is coming. Not easy to keep in mind at the time, but I always look back and appreciate the bad ones for helping the good ones to feel so much better!

  2. Maren says:

    Glad you are able to reassure yourself that crap runs happen!!! They definitely make you stronger. Good job for getting through it! I ran 7 on Saturday in 60mph wind gusts. Let’s just say I felt like I was going backwards a couple times. Luckily, it was my first long run of training, so my mind was in a good place!

    p.s. I’m really glad you are blogging regularly again.

    p.s.s. (or is it p.p.s.?) You should definitely buy a new outfit for each race you signed up for :) haha!

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