Runner’s Finance 101: Marry a Cyclist

Written by abbynormally
January 14th, 2014

I have learned something very, very important. My wonderful husband, who runs our family budget with a careful eye (for which I am very grateful), and questions every Target or Starbucks purchase I make (no matter how small), but will never, EVER question any fee I pay that is related to running. Isn’t that amazing?!

The reason is this: he is a cyclist. And if you think that running is an expensive hobby, then you need to meet a cyclist. It’s a refreshing dose of perspective for you all. Dave also enjoys beer brewing and guns, so my reading and running hobbies are basically funded by pocket change.

So, all that is to say that I have an awesome running wardrobe.

I also had a pretty good day and I went for an easy 5 mile run. I thought about going the extra mile, but I didn’t want to overdo it. And even though I cut my run short, and ran at a very easy pace, I still feel my migraine symptoms coming back. If I feel better in the morning, I won’t worry about and just hope the chiropractor fixes me on Friday. If I don’t feel good in the morning, then I might have to take some more time off. I want to run, but I don’t want to hurt my body.

Run free. Run happy. Run smart.

I don’t think it’s possible for me to stress enough to you how important it is to listen to your body’s cues. One run today is not worth months of injury down the road. Trust me, I’ve learned the hard way.

So in the spirit of hypocrisy, I’m going to sign up for 2 races now–a 15 miler and a 30k. Dave needs a new crankset for his bike, so I could probably buy a new outfit for each race too…

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3 Responses to “Runner’s Finance 101: Marry a Cyclist”

  1. Sana says:

    I need to marry a man with an expensive hobby as well :)

  2. I signed up for a half Ironman, so I’m learning first hand how cheap running is compared to the other sports…yikes!

    My boyfriend loves skiing, which is crazy expensive too…so I’ll have the upper hand if this relationship continues as I hope it does!

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